Jonah Giroir

Jonah started his journey as a film crew member in November of 2012 on the opening night of Breaking Dawn Part 2 by getting thrown straight into concessions with very little training. You could say he got thrown to the wolves! He started working at AMC because he’s always loved movies and the theater-going experience. Especially since he’d get to watch free movies. Although, he didn’t take advantage of this perk as much as he should have while working there.

Film Crew

Throughout his years at AMC, Jonah has seen a lot changes. From the comings and goings of film crews, to all off the ups and downs of working at a theater. When he first started, film crew members were allowed to take smoke breaks, and it was Jonah who got stuck behind the concession stand by himself. After the older film crew members left AMC, younger crew members were hired. It was still him who held the stand while the minors took their breaks. The good times always outweigh bad though! Jonah recalls an experience with a guest who had just seen God’s Not Dead, and how the encounter touched him on a deeper level and wasn’t something he expected.

Flexibility and Perks

Jonah continued working for AMC while pursing a degree and a Masters at Nicholls. The flexible hours allowed him to go to school, work, and participate in other activities. One of best perks was getting to watch free movies. Jonahs calculates that he saw about 15 to 18 movies a year.

Fun Times

Being a film crew member is not always work and no fun. Jonah had some fun times while he was an employee. He recalls playing Pokemon Go with the other crew members, having random chats in the break room, and writing three albums that had nothing to do with work. A former film crew member said she and Jonah would race scooters in the upstairs booth, back when they were still film crew. Jonah always won! Jonah was the life of the party. Nic Hebert, a previous film crew member, said Jonah was always energetic and goofy, but took the job seriously enough to get things done, and made work a less stressful.

Four Years Later

Jonah left AMC at the end of 2016. He knew that AMC was never his end goal. At 25 years old, Jonah received his Masters, took a full time job, and found a new passion. He enjoys getting to interview and tell other people’s stories.

The End

Even though he’s moved on, Jonah still expresses his love and appreciation for AMC. Jonah said, “It was nothing bad with AMC, I loved it there. I still love it there. Even knowing all the inner workings, seeing people throw popcorn and spill drinks, I still love it there.