Marvel Vs. DC: A Fan War.

It’s nothing new for the Marvel and DC comics to go head to head against each other. So it’s also no surprise that the battle’s been taken to the big screen. Enter Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League.

Let’s start with Thor, which was a very well done and put together sequel. Did you expect anything less from Marvel though? Top three reason Thor is still a blockbuster hit:


1. This is just one in a line of sequels for many Marvel stories, but what’s important is that it helps set the stage for The Avengers: Infinity War, which comes out May 4, 2018.

2. It’s funny! Marvel has mastered created movies that are both lighthearted and serious which is a great combo for a superhero movie.

3. Chris Hemsworth. If I’m being perfectly honest, a major motivation to go see this movie was to see Thor’s new hair style. I’m a girl. We like these things. Plus Chris Hemsworth is just really nice to look at.

Now Justice League. DC had really good momentum coming off of Wonder Women. So Justice League had to be good, right? I have to say I didn’t totally hate this movie. Top three reason to watch Justice League:


1. All-star cast. Ben Affleck as Batman is literally one of the best casting choices. Throw in Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller and you’ve got a pretty dang good cast on your hands.

2. Action packed to the max. SO. MUCH. ACTION!

3. Let’s be real, you need to see for yourself how DC is measuring up to the Marvel Cineamtic Universe. That’s all the motivation you need to watch Justice League.

So how’s Box Office looking? Well… Thor has been out for a month now., and Justice League is on its second week. During its opening weekend, Justice League definitely stole the show. But now that things have settled down… Thor still remains on top!

Overall DC has been making some decent movies. And maybe in 10 years DC will reach Marvel status greatness! But Marvel  will probably always be dominant over DC. That’s just my opinion though!


“The real killer is right here.” -Hercule Poirot, Murder on the Orient Express

I finally got to watch Murder on the Orient Express, and it did not disappoint! First of all, That. Cast.! Name a more iconic movie cast… I’ll wait. Can’t think of another one? Me either and that’s because this cast was perfectly casted, however their amazing acting abilities were completely utilized.

34872But for me, this movie was more of a beloved literary work coming to life on the big screen once again. I remember reading “Murder on the Orient Express” my sophomore year of high school and to this day was one of the best I have ever read! The mix of whodunit crime solving and physiological aspects makes the story take a turn you really don’t expect.

In the book there is more character development, but  it’s a book, so duh! Books can take more time developing characters. If you read the book then watch the movie, you’ll love it. If you watch the movie first, you’ll be left wondering about certain things. So read the book then watch the movie again, and then you’ll love it . But really this is a movie for Agatha Christie novel lovers. If you are one of those people, I feel like you will appreciate this movie.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will say that the way the story was transformed for the big screen still took my breath away. And Kenneth Branagh, who stars as the famous detective, Hercule Poirot, directed this movie. His style of cinematography is beautiful to watch!

My favorite scene, which was featured in the first movie trailer, is when Poirot informs the passenger on the Orient Express that another passenger was murdered. He tells them this as he walks through the cabin and camera moves as though you are walking through the train as well, and you are seeing everyone’s reactions to the murder. That scene is pure magic!

Overall I enjoyed the movie, maybe the hype was bigger than the movie, maybe not. But I’d go back and see this movie in a heartbeat!




Way back when, movie theaters held midnight premieres for popular films on their opening weekend. We don’t do midnight screenings anymore, but here’s a little know tip, we have 7 p.m. showings on Thursday nights before opening weekend! Wow! Shocker! I know, but a lot people don’t realize this and don’t take advantage of it. And a lot of times, theaters host special events for new movies. For example, a few months back we screened the first two Planet of the Apes movies before the third sequel premiered.

This past week Thor: Ragnarok premiered. On Thursday night at 6 p.m, we held a special fan event where guest could pay a certain price to watch the new movie in 3D and received a special lanyard and a collectable Thor coin.

And even thoughnot all Thursday night showings are fan events, they are still premieres. Since a lot of people don’t realize we have showings the night before the advertised release date, these shows don’t sell out so there’s plenty of room for you!

Keep this in mind for the next big blockbuster you want to see! Elmwood Palace 20 in New Orleans has a Star Wars double feature on December 14; StarWars: The Force Awakens followed by Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

December is stocked full of blockbuster releases! So go ahead and pre-order your ticket for a Thursday night showing!

“Let’s all go to the movies!” -Daddy Warbucks

Imagine sitting at home with your family, and then suddenly decide, “Hey! Why don’t we all go see a movie? (Insert movie here) just came out this weekend!” Then you get in the car and drive over to theater without making plans and checking showtimes. The only problem with that is showtimes for a popular movie on its opening weekend will be busy. So plan ahead! And here my top 3 tips to how to plan your movie going experience before you come to the theater.

  1. Purchase your tickets online. Yes, there is a fee for purchasing ticket online, but you’re saving yourself from standing in line at Box Office for at least 15 minutes. And the machines outside to purchase tickets aren’t always reliable.
  2. Make sure you get to the theater at least 30 minutes before the showtime. If it’s ridiculously busy, we’ll put the guest in a standing line until the theater is ready to seat. By showing up when the movie starts, you risk not finding seats for your entire party to sit together, or you’ll have to sit in the very first row all the way up by the screen.
  3. Find your seats then go to concessions. Split your party up. Half of you find seats and save them and the other half stand in the concessions lines. That way you get your popcorn and a good seat, all before the movie starts.

EXTRA TIP: Plan out your bathroom breaks. Go during the trailers when the lines are shorter. There are also plenty of website online that tell you the best times to go to the bathroom during the show, if you don’t mind missing a few minutes of the movie.

“There’s only one way to go from here, and that’s UP!” -SING

2017 was supposed to be a HUGE year for Hollywood. Unfortunately the movies haven’t lived up to all the hype. The “summer blockbuster” season managed to only give us sequels from a long line of other sequels (Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Planet of the Apes), the third installments for two kid’s movie franchises (Cars, Despicable Me), and the third full reboot of Spiderman. Can you see why ticket sales were down for the summer? And the movies Hollywood claimed were new, weren’t actually new e.g The Mummy, Dark Tower, and King Arthur. With only three months left to 2017, I’m hoping Hollywood gives us some gems that make a year of okay movies worth having watched.

Here is a list upcoming movies for the next three months that I’m expecting and, let’s be honest, praying will be fantastic and redeem 2017 of it’s first 9 months of box office blah!

  •  Geostorm (Oct. 20)
  • Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (Oct. 20) 
  • Jigsaw (Oct. 27)
  • Bad Moms Christmas (Nov. 1)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (Nov. 3)
  • Murder On the Orient Express: (Nov. 10)
  • Justice League (Nov. 17)
  • Wonder (Nov. 17)
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Dec. 14)
  • Jumanji (Dec. 20)
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (Dec. 22)


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