F&B Blues

The “Food and Beverage Blues.” This would be the perfect title for a song about the struggles of working behind the concession stand for six hours. But I’m not a lyricist nor am I musically inclined, so I’ll just write about my F&B blues here.

Today I worked behind the stand mostly by myself from 4:00-9:30. It was little busier than normal Sunday nights because IT is still dominating in box office. This meant that I would be running back and forth taking orders, fixing food, popping popcorn, and turning off the popper before I burned the popcorn I just popped.

On the upside though, no one yelled at me today! It’s a good shift when you can go home without upsetting a single guest.

The downside however, is having to close the stand at the end of the night. You see all the things you can buy that are out in the stand? Yeah, I’m the one who has to pick all that stuff up at the end of the night. And clean the popper, the fryer, the garment popcorn holder, take out all the trash, sweep, and do the dishes…and more things that just make me tired thinking about it!

But tonight I had some help! Shoutout to Sarah for offering stay late and help me close the stand!