Marvel Vs. DC: A Fan War.

It’s nothing new for the Marvel and DC comics to go head to head against each other. So it’s also no surprise that the battle’s been taken to the big screen. Enter Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League.

Let’s start with Thor, which was a very well done and put together sequel. Did you expect anything less from Marvel though? Top three reason Thor is still a blockbuster hit:


1. This is just one in a line of sequels for many Marvel stories, but what’s important is that it helps set the stage for The Avengers: Infinity War, which comes out May 4, 2018.

2. It’s funny! Marvel has mastered created movies that are both lighthearted and serious which is a great combo for a superhero movie.

3. Chris Hemsworth. If I’m being perfectly honest, a major motivation to go see this movie was to see Thor’s new hair style. I’m a girl. We like these things. Plus Chris Hemsworth is just really nice to look at.

Now Justice League. DC had really good momentum coming off of Wonder Women. So Justice League had to be good, right? I have to say I didn’t totally hate this movie. Top three reason to watch Justice League:


1. All-star cast. Ben Affleck as Batman is literally one of the best casting choices. Throw in Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller and you’ve got a pretty dang good cast on your hands.

2. Action packed to the max. SO. MUCH. ACTION!

3. Let’s be real, you need to see for yourself how DC is measuring up to the Marvel Cineamtic Universe. That’s all the motivation you need to watch Justice League.

So how’s Box Office looking? Well… Thor has been out for a month now., and Justice League is on its second week. During its opening weekend, Justice League definitely stole the show. But now that things have settled down… Thor still remains on top!

Overall DC has been making some decent movies. And maybe in 10 years DC will reach Marvel status greatness! But Marvel  will probably always be dominant over DC. That’s just my opinion though!