“The real killer is right here.” -Hercule Poirot, Murder on the Orient Express

I finally got to watch Murder on the Orient Express, and it did not disappoint! First of all, That. Cast.! Name a more iconic movie cast… I’ll wait. Can’t think of another one? Me either and that’s because this cast was perfectly casted, however their amazing acting abilities were completely utilized.

34872But for me, this movie was more of a beloved literary work coming to life on the big screen once again. I remember reading “Murder on the Orient Express” my sophomore year of high school and to this day was one of the best I have ever read! The mix of whodunit crime solving and physiological aspects makes the story take a turn you really don’t expect.

In the book there is more character development, but  it’s a book, so duh! Books can take more time developing characters. If you read the book then watch the movie, you’ll love it. If you watch the movie first, you’ll be left wondering about certain things. So read the book then watch the movie again, and then you’ll love it . But really this is a movie for Agatha Christie novel lovers. If you are one of those people, I feel like you will appreciate this movie.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will say that the way the story was transformed for the big screen still took my breath away. And Kenneth Branagh, who stars as the famous detective, Hercule Poirot, directed this movie. His style of cinematography is beautiful to watch!

My favorite scene, which was featured in the first movie trailer, is when Poirot informs the passenger on the Orient Express that another passenger was murdered. He tells them this as he walks through the cabin and camera moves as though you are walking through the train as well, and you are seeing everyone’s reactions to the murder. That scene is pure magic!

Overall I enjoyed the movie, maybe the hype was bigger than the movie, maybe not. But I’d go back and see this movie in a heartbeat!



“We’ve got a bit of a “save the world” situation here.” – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I finally got to watch the newest Kingman movieIMG_8447 this week. Not only was it a movie that I was looking forward to seeing, but a movie that was highly anticipated by a lot of people after the success of the first film.

As far as sequels go, they tend to not be as good as the originals. And that’s true for this movie, but only by a little bit. The charm and actions that made you love the first movie are evident in the sequel. It just lacks an equally as interesting story line.

I found myself accurately predicting how the movie would play out. So when the movie ended, I wasn’t surprised. And there were a few scenes where I was confused, mainly because I couldn’t figure out how they were relevant to the furthering the story.

Even so, I really enjoyed the movie, and here’s why:

  • Eggsy is the heart and soul of the movie. He provides comic relief (not that this is a super serious movie) and continues to be that character that you keep cheering for. If he wasn’t a main character in the sequel, I wouldn’t have even considered watching it!
  • Surprises that aren’t really surprises. The trailer gives away a huge plot detail, *cough *cough Harry is not dead, however the way they incorporated him back into the story was not what I had expected, which made me want to keep watching just to see what was gonna happen to him.
  • It’s charming. There’s a ton of action. There’s a bit of crude language, but that’s what makes the movie great. The sequel stays true to the brand it started with the first movie, which in my opinion, makes the movie worth watching!


“You’ll Float Too!”

So I finally convinced myself to go watch the new IT movie. With all of its box office success, it became a movie that in twenty years, I need to say, “Oh yeah, I remember when I saw IT in theaters.” Now normally, horror movies are NOT my thing, and I low-key have a phobia of clowns. So why did I want to watch this horror movie about a clown? I have no earthIMG_8417ly idea! But anyway, I was genuinely surprised by how much I actually enjoyed the movie. So here 5 reasons why IT is worth going see!

  1. Stephen King himself put his stamp of approval on this adaption of his novel. Hollywood’s been going overboard with movie adaptations of books. And to be honest, most of them are not good. But for an author to give his approval of a movie adaptation and the actors is pretty rare.
  2. Two words. Bill. Skarsgard. From the first scene he’s in, it’s clear thatSkarsgard spent a lot of time perfecting how he would play Pennywise. From the laugh to his voice and mannerisms, his acting was unexpected, but completely blows you away!
  3. IT broke the record for highest-grossing horror film on a domestic basis. Any movie that breaks any kind of box office record you should definitely go see. It’s basically like watching a piece of history.
  4. Cinematography. For anyone who is a fan of great cinematography, this is a movie for you! The camera movements and shots help keep the flow going throughout the whole movie, and it keeps you guessing where the camera is going to pan to next. Literally my first thought after the movie started was “wow look at that camera pan, it’s awesome!”
  5. It’s just as frightening as you’d hoped it would be. Now unlike most horror movies, IT doesn’t rely on cheesy gimmicks to scare you. The mix of creepy content, camera angles, and a carefully timed soundtrack all work seamlessly to give you that genuine scare.