“Let’s all go to the movies!” -Daddy Warbucks

Imagine sitting at home with your family, and then suddenly decide, “Hey! Why don’t we all go see a movie? (Insert movie here) just came out this weekend!” Then you get in the car and drive over to theater without making plans and checking showtimes. The only problem with that is showtimes for a popular movie on its opening weekend will be busy. So plan ahead! And here my top 3 tips to how to plan your movie going experience before you come to the theater.

  1. Purchase your tickets online. Yes, there is a fee for purchasing ticket online, but you’re saving yourself from standing in line at Box Office for at least 15 minutes. And the machines outside to purchase tickets aren’t always reliable.
  2. Make sure you get to the theater at least 30 minutes before the showtime. If it’s ridiculously busy, we’ll put the guest in a standing line until the theater is ready to seat. By showing up when the movie starts, you risk not finding seats for your entire party to sit together, or you’ll have to sit in the very first row all the way up by the screen.
  3. Find your seats then go to concessions. Split your party up. Half of you find seats and save them and the other half stand in the concessions lines. That way you get your popcorn and a good seat, all before the movie starts.

EXTRA TIP: Plan out your bathroom breaks. Go during the trailers when the lines are shorter. There are also plenty of website online that tell you the best times to go to the bathroom during the show, if you don’t mind missing a few minutes of the movie.


“Manners Maketh Man”

Let’s talk about movie theater etiquette! I know, I know! You wouldn’t think these two things go hand in hand, but they do! When going to a theater to watch a movie, there are a few situational factors that can happen that may disrupt your movie-going experience. Some of these factors can be avoided by our film crew, and some of them can not. For example, if I accidentally give you the wrong item you ordered in concessions, that is my fault. Typically though, it is an easy fix and I can get you your correct item quickly without any further mishaps. If you show up to see a highly anticipated movie on its opening weekend only 10 minutes before it’s showtime and the movie is sold out, that is NOT my fault.52684210174__5C6E436D-6BDD-4737-B0D1-717522385C67.png

The movie “IT” premiered this weekend. Now, at my theater, we knew we would most likely be extremely busy with this movie so extra film crew were put on then schedule for weekend shifts. In all honesty though, we were totally NOT prepared to sell out 6 showtimes! The amount of people who came out to see this movie was ridiculous! IT’s opening weekend did just as well as Beauty and the Beast’s opening weekend did at our theater. Saturday night I bounced back and forth between cleaning theaters and working the second line in box office. I’d never seen the box office line that long in the entire 18 months I’d been working there. 

But this post is about manners right? Correct! When you show up 10 minutes before a popular movie in its opening weekend starts and it’s sold out, please don’t yell at me. You running late is not my fault! And if you barely scrape by and get tickets before the movie sells out, please don’t come yell at me that you can’t find enough seats for you and your 4 kids and wife to sit together. I’m sorry but I can’t control where people sit in the individual theaters. I can ask them to move over and not skip seats, but if they don’t want to move, I can’t force them.

I got yelled at about 12 times Saturday night for things that were out of my control. So please when you come see a movie and things don’t go your way, do not take your aggression out on our film crew. We will do out best to help you and offer any compensation if we can. A little tidbit, if you come up to me with a problem and you are nice about it, I’m going out my way to do more for you just because you didn’t yell at me.

In the words of Colin Firth in the movie Kingsman, “Manner Maketh Man.” So please remember your manners when you come to the movie theater.